Industrial piping services across FINLAND and the nordic countries

Solomon Oy is a industrial service company specialised in providing welding, installation, and quality assurance services for industrial companies. We offer a high-quality service for industrial companies that require professional installation and documentation for piping. Based in Vantaa, we provide our services primarily in Finland and the Nordic countries.

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Piping installation

We primarily carry out welding and installation of manufactured piping for industrial companies and power plants in and around Finland. Read more about our installation services.

Quality control and documentation

Industrial pipework must operate reliably under harsh conditions daily. Expert quality control and documentation are imperative for maintaining and safety of piping at industrial and power plants. We provide the necessary expertise in quality control for your piping solutions.

Quality control and documentation


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International services and clients

As a committed company, Solomon Oy work for and with several large and reputable Finnish and European companies, producing reliable welding and installation services. We offer a range of solutions including quality control, and quality documentation for piping systems. We take care of the maintenance and proper installation of large-scale pipework for industrial companies and power plants. You can commonly find us working in and around large power plants and industrial complexes, as our clients are primarily in these fields.

Some of our clients include:

  • Valmet

  • Neste

  • UPM


  • Fortum


  • Nordic Power Service



Industry and power plants

Solomon Oy operates not only in Finland but also on international markets, providing expert services in welding and installation of piping systems as well as consultation for international clients. We operate primarily in the Nordics, but our services are available elsewhere in Europe as well, especially when it comes to quality control and documentation. We also actively cooperate with several large international companies. In collaboration with our partners, we can respond to demanding orders and client requests with the utmost skill and quality.

We maintain high standards when it comes to installation

Our company primarily provides installation and welding services for piping systems used by industrial companies and power plants. These piping systems are subject to high requirements and operational pressures, which place significant demands on their quality. 

At Solomon Oy, we are specialised in providing trustworthy welding and installation services for high-requirement piping systems. We offer these services following rigorous quality control. Our experienced employees know the ins and outs of industrial-scale pipework and can weld and install these systems to assure the continued operation and performance of your companies for years to come.

Piping on demand

Solomon Oy is ready to serve you or your company in all matters related to industrial pipework in Finland, Nordics, and elsewhere in the world. Our company has evolved over the years to become an expert of piping systems. We now wish to bring this expertise to you. Contact us and inquire more regarding our installation and consultation services.

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  • Fortum
  • IIW
  • Kraftanlagen München
  • UPM The Biofore Company
  • Metsä
  • Naturkraft
  • Siemens
  • TVO
  • YIT