PipING installation and welding for industrial companies across vantaa and finland

Solomon Oy specialises in industrial piping installation and welding. Our worksites and clients are primarily power plants and industrial companies, which require high-quality performance from their pipework. You can explore our installation services and contact us to learn more about our capabilities.


We install industrial piping

Professional welding and piping installation services are our most important service. Installing industrial piping is a challenging job, as the pipes are subject to stringent requirements. Piping systems operating in high-pressure and extreme conditions, therefore, require particular expertise.

At Solomon Oy, our specialised team understands the ins and outs of industrial and energy companies and their requirements. We install even the most complex piping systems. Our experienced employees are your first choice for welding experts. With our help, numerous industrial companies can continue operations without pause for years to come.

Guaranteed quality

In our work, we rely heavily on quality. For example, our welders use reliable, high-quality welding equipment used by Kemppi to guarantee clean and sturdy welds. Our collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers, metal companies, and piping companies have brought us many partners and positive experiences. In cooperation with them, we produce the finest work when it comes to piping systems. Some of our leading partners include Andritz, Valmet, Helen, UPM and StoraEnso.

In addition to installation services, we also provide quality control and documentation. You can explore our quality assurance services through the link below.

Quality control and documentation

Maintenance work

In addition to welding and installation of piping we also provide maintenance services. Regular maintenance is vital for the proper functioning and longevity of your piping systems. We know the various requirements of industrial pipework and their maintenance procedures thoroughly.

Our company provides maintenance services with the same quality standards as we offer with our installations. We recommend that you enquire more about the details of maintenance and on-going contracts by speaking to our specialist team. We will respond to all inquiries during working hours.

  • Fortum
  • IIW
  • Kraftanlagen München
  • UPM The Biofore Company
  • Metsä
  • Naturkraft
  • Siemens
  • TVO
  • YIT