Quality control and documentation services for industrial companies across vantaa and finland

Solomon Oy provides expert consultation services for piping systems in use at industrial companies and power plants. We ensure constant quality control and detailed documentation to secure the functioning of industrial pipework. Our consultation services are available in Vantaa, Finland, and internationally.

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Quality control and documentation prevents future problems

We provide quality control to assure your piping systems stay functioning in excellent condition. Proper documentation and quality control are vital in this role, as, without any controls, an improperly maintained piping system could easily break down or diminish in performance. Pipework that is under high stress requires regular supervision and maintenance to keep in working order.

You can enquire more about our quality control services from us. We offer flexible contracts to serve the quality control needs of your company’s piping systems.

Comprehensive services

We provide holistic services in quality control and documentation for industrial companies and power plants. By doing this, we can assure the best condition of your company’s piping systems with one flexible contract.

The experts at Solomon Oy provide all the services you need for proper maintenance and functioning of your piping systems. We can fulfill the complex requirements of new pipework with relative ease. We also provide individual services for any clients who wish it.

Detailed documentation

Accurate and professional documentation is a natural continuation for a thorough maintenance routine or quality assessment. We maintain precise and up-to-date documentation for your company’s pipework, regarding their condition and previous procedures. By using proper and accurate details, it is easy to support effective routine maintenance and observe the condition of the piping. Inadequate documentation, however, can lead to unnecessary problems and difficult situations. Therefore, we recommend that you let our experts manage it.

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  • IIW
  • Kraftanlagen München
  • UPM The Biofore Company
  • Metsä
  • Naturkraft
  • Siemens
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